The calendar says fall is officially here! As the air gets chillier and the days shorter, nature doesn’t disappoint with the changing of colors. All of Michigan will soon see the beauty of nature at work when the leaves change to bright reds, yellows, and oranges. We’ve compiled a list of places in the South Haven and Saugatuck/Douglas areas that are perfect for enjoying the fall colors. 


Kal-Haven Trail


The Kal-Haven Trail is the ultimate leaf color changing spot. Stretching 34 miles, the trailheads are located in South Haven and Kalamazoo, but there are plenty of access points in between. As the weather cools down, it will provide the perfect temperature for taking in the colors while biking, running, or walking. Surrounded by beautiful wooded areas, the Kal-Haven Trail is the perfect backdrop for fall photos. 


Black River Preserve


With trails ranging from easy to difficult hiking levels, the Black River Preserve is another iconic place in South Haven to see the fall colors. Enjoy the fresh air while taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. From ravines, streams, and the beech-maple forests, you’ll find yourself in the perfect spot for photos.


Oval Beach


Lake Michigan’s shoreline combined with dunes make a great place to view the fall beauty in Saugatuck. Stay close to the water to see the colors contrast with the shoreline or climb the dunes for a bird’s eye view. Either choice gives you prime spots to enjoy the colors especially during sunsets. 


Wades Bayou 


Want to be out on the water to enjoy the colors? Wades Bayou is perfect for you! Located in downtown Douglas, this is the perfect spot for fishing, kayaking, and wildlife watching. Rent a kayak and see the colors from the water or see the colors reflect off the water during the sunrise. 


With plenty of places along the lakeshore to see fall colors, you’ll want to make a weekend out of it! Book your stay here and enjoy the beautiful sights of nature in South Haven and Saugatuck/Douglas.

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