Are you planning to have some fun in the sun along the beach of Lake Michigan this summer? If so, it’s always important to remember safe practices when it comes to enjoying your time in the sand or the water.

First and foremost, know your flag warnings. A green flag means the water is calm and the swimming conditions are good. Yellow flags mean you should swim with caution, especially for younger children or weaker swimmers. A lastly, swimming in the lake should be avoided if the flag is red, which means the currents are especially strong.

When it comes to swimming in Lake Michigan here are some things we recommend. Don’t use oversized “fun” floaties. The last thing you want is a party member or small child floating away on a floatable device. Additionally, if you see one of these devices floating deeper in the lake, avoid trying to retrieve them.

If you or anyone in your party is uncomfortable going into the water, the safer option is to stay in the sand. And if you do go swimming in the lake, it is safer to have someone go with you.

And lastly, if you or someone you know is struggling and needs help, they should flip onto their back and stay calm, float to conserve energy, and if are going to swim back towards the shore, they should swim to the side and then back to shore to avoid working against the current.

For boaters, it’s important to not only bring your life jackets, but they should also be worn at all times. You should avoid loading your boat with too many people, and always check the weather forecast before heading out.

While we want everyone to enjoy their vacation at Lake Michigan, it’s also important to note the proper safety precautions before going to the lake.

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